Sunday, 22 May 2011

7 Weeks


This week has mostly been more of the same really. I feel slightly less fed up than last week but still very much the same in terms of energy levels and sickness. I managed a night out this week and it was slightly more enjoyable than last time as I stuffed my face and then pretty much left once consumption was complete but it's all still a bit of a struggle. I had never noticed before how hard it is spending an evening in a pub without the company of wine! There is only so much coke you can drink.

Generally though, all I want to do at the moment is just snuggle in bed pretty much all the time and snooze. Zzzzzz.

I received a phone call from the midwife this week which was good as when you first 'register' your pregnancy with the doctor, you feel a bit like you go in to a black hole and you've no idea what will happen next and when you might hear from anyone so it was good to get a name and contact number. I have an appointment with her next week so hopefully I will get an idea of when the next big event will be which is the 12 week scan. I'm really looking forward to that as, apart from the fact that bumpy will definitely look less like a prawn by then, I can officially tell people, which will be a huge relief.

I remain hugely off most food at the moment and it's been strange because it hasn't been particular groups or categories of food, I don't know if something is going to make me want to hurl until Ron suggests we have some of it and then I nearly gag. I am totally off bread, mushrooms, anything fatty and various other random items. I've had no particular weird cravings yet either, just a slightly higher desire for hot chocolate than usual.

I still feel far from blossoming and just very bloated really so I'm still wearing the extenders and really can't wait until that time in the future when I actually start looking pregnant and can wear proper maternity clothes and most of all I can have that seat on the tube!

I'm starting to get very vague feelings that Shrimpy might be a boy. I have absolutely no evidence to support this sentiment, I just feel deep down that it might be. It might be my natural defence system kicking in though as, whilst I will be absolutely delighted with a healthy baby of either sex, I can't deny that I'd really like a little girl. Maybe that will have to wait for number two. We'll see, in about 12 weeks I'll be able to find out (wow, that seems like a really long time away).

Current Symptoms (same as last week)
  • Night-time trips to the loo
  • Very bloated tummy
  • Bigger and sore boobs
  • Nausea (not actually being sick, just feeling like I will be)
  • Light-headedness
  • Headaches
  • A distinct hatred for most of my work colleagues


I have to agree with Natalie that things are pretty much the same this week as last. It's pretty lucky really - work is a giant pain in the arse at the moment so not having any extra difficulties is a blessing. I suppose I'm just enjoying the time as much as possible now. As much as possible without being able to really tell anyone. It feels a bit like being in limbo now. I think Natalie's shape is changing slightly - she thinks she looks fat already, but I disagree. I'm a big fan of the bigger boobs though! I'm glad it's only temporary but the novelty is quite appealing.

My goal for next week is to just stay on top of the around the house things and keep up the exercise regime. I think I've gained several pounds last week and I'm not sure if it's due to replacing smoking with snacking or because I'm building up more muscle for exercising; next week should tell.


I am now about 1.3 cm long from crown to rump. I am about 10,000 times bigger than I was at conception and my brain cells are growing at the rate of about 100 per minute. I might even end up being as smart as Mummy. I definitely think I'll be as smart as Daddy, that wouldn't be too hard but I dream one day of being as clever as Mummy. She's a genius. I also have little limbs forming fairly well now and my kidneys are working overtime. I still have a massive heed right now though, I hope that doesn't last, I'll look ridiculous.

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