Tuesday, 31 May 2011

9 Weeks


This week, I saw the midwife. In all honestly, I was a little disappointed. I was hoping she would do more tests or, I don't know, tell me something I didn't already know perhaps, but it was all a bit of an anti-climax. She very much seemed to be just going through the motions, she was in a bit of a rush (which she told me) and seemed quite short-tempered and, well, nothing really happened. The things she was telling me about were the absolute basics and I was thinking, wow, do you really think I would have got to 9 weeks without reading about what I am supposed to be doing at all or what is happening to my body?!

I guess the only thing of significance that I found out, which was a little disappointing is that I really only have two choices for where to have the baby (discounting a home birth, which I absolutely wouldn't want to risk for a first child) and both are a fair distance away. I had already done some research in to local options and had decided I wanted to have my little shrimp at Canterbury and Kent Hospital at their birthing centre as a) it is only about 20 minutes away and b) I've been there a few times before and it seems really nice.

Unfortunately, the birthing unit there is now closed and will be until the middle of next year so I have hospitals at Ashford or Margate as the only real choices. Both are at least 40 - 45 mins away with Ashford being marginally quicker to get to so I think it will have to be there. I just hope I suddenly don't go in to labour quicker than expected as I really don't fancy delivering in my little Clio (although I guess it makes choosing a name easier if it is a girl!).

I saw a friend of mine who gave birth about two and a half weeks ago this weekend. It was really, really lovely. I don't know if it was special seeing her and her little one because I'm pregnant too or because I have known her forever but it was and I loved seeing her little boy. He was just so adorable and cuddly and I thought, actually, if I have a boy and he is as cute as this, I will be just as pleased as if Shrimpy is a girl.

Generally, I'm feeling much the same still. My symptoms have definitely receded in the last few days a little so I am not quite as exhausted but the nausea is still there. I'm a little disappointed about the constant nausea as it is causing me to eat pretty much all day so I'm feeling ever so lardy. With that and my big b00bs, I feel a bit like an elephant. I always thought women were just being greedy when they got lardy when pregnant and had misunderstood that you don't have to eat for two but now I can see that the nausea just makes you have to eat a lot to stop feeling sick. My aversion to coffee has got even worse and my desire for chocolate has increased also! I NEED a Mars bar every day (I haven't had a Mars bar since I was about 12!).

The most exciting thing that has happened this week though is getting a date for the first scan! It's a very important time as once that has happened, if successful, I'll feel much better and also we'll be able to tell everyone. I'm a little worried about Ron telling his other children as well but I really hope they take it well and are happy about getting a new half brother or sister rather than disappointed, sad, angry or anything else bad.

So, the scan is on June 23rd. I will be almost 13 weeks then so I am really looking forward to seeing something that looks like a baby and getting the shrimp image out of my head! It's very strange, but even though we had the early scan at 7 weeks, I'm still a little worried that something will have gone wrong. I'm a bit concerned it will still look like a shrimp, meaning that it didn't make it much past the scan but I think once I have seen it looking like a human and got over the worst of the sickness and the fatigue, I will finally start to enjoy the pregnancy!

The other thing I have noticed this week is, my Lord, everyone in the world wants to give you advice, even when you don't ask for it! I am staggered by the amount of people who have something to say about how I should feel, what I should do, what is happening to me and my baby, what I should be reading etc. etc. I'm pretty shocked that people might think I haven't done a little research of my own! I haven't stopped reading up online about, jeez, pretty much everything I can ever imagine wanting to or needing to know so I pray this obsession with needing to dish out advice won't go on for the next 7 months. Actually, from what I heard from my friend I saw this weekend, it very much goes on afterwards as people then tell you what you should be doing with your baby, how long you should breast feed for and so on and so forth.

Awesome, a lifetime of advice - just what the doctor ordered!

Well, roll on 3 weeks. I am ready for the nirvana of the 2nd trimester - bring it on!

Current Symptoms:
  • Night-time trips to the loo (I fear this will go on throughout)
  • Very bloated tummy again (none of my trousers now fit)
  • Not quite as sore boobs as last week but still a little tender
  • Nausea (not actually being sick, just feeling like I will be)
  • Light-headedness
  • Exhaustion
  • A hatred for coffee and a new found love for chocolate
  • A distinct hatred for most of my work colleagues


Well, what a difference a week can make. I've personally been feeling much better this week. Much better about life generally. Being pregnant hasn't been a worry to me at all; it's the peripheral things that have been difficult and I think these are all starting to come together now. I'll fill in the details later, but I'm going to see my parents next week and will have a chance to talk to them about the baby face to face. That will be a relief to me and with 12 weeks just around the corner, I'll be able to start telling people genrally. It's a very strange feeling not being able to tell anyone. It's a bit different for Natalie I think since she has all her family and close friends around fairly regularly, but all of my family are in America and close friends and few and far between. I really can't wait until I can "go public" with the news.

I've noticed a definite rise in hormones and reduction in energy levels with Natalie this week. Hopefully now that I'm getting through all these external stresses and strains, I can help out emotionally in the upcoming week. I've really been feeling sleepy this week too; I hope that goes away soon since the next couple of weeks are going to be very busy and I'll surely need all my energy ...


I am now almost 2½ cm tall! I may still be small but they say that wonderful things come in small packages. I'm looking more and more like a human every day (phew) and even have little earlobes now! Believe it or not, my genitals have now begun to form but I'm not going to spoil the surprise for Mummy and reveal my true identity until much later! She will have to be patient. So, I'm pretty much mostly formed now and just poised and ready to surge now for that big weight gain and make Mummy even lardier. Tee hee.

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