Monday, 6 June 2011

10 Weeks


This week - again - has seen very much more of the same.  I am feeling slightly better again exhaustion-wise but the constant nausea continues, which is most unpleasant.  I have to nibble on things all the time or I feel sick so most days I go to bed feeling pretty uncomfortable and pretty lardy.

I got a little panicky this week as well as I had a teensy weensy bit of brown blood on a couple of toilet visits (it's totally normal apparently but it hadn't happened before) but it hasn't turned in to the far more worrying thick flow of red blood accompanied with stomach cramps, so I think the Shrimpy one is still doing OK - for now anyway.

Mostly, I just feel really just a bit fed up at the moment.  I'm convinced it is nothing to do with being pregnant and everything to do with the fact that I really, really, really don't enjoy my job one little bit, but the fact that I am pregnant, whilst fabulous in its own right, means I'm stuck here.  I was totally ready to leave and either go for another permie or a contracting role but found out I was pregnant just as I was about to.  On the plus side though, I at least have an end date where I can be out of here, as long as little Shrimpy makes it (Go Shrimpy).  I really wish I could go and do something else until December instead but I'm afraid the reality is, I am stuck somewhere that makes me really quite unhappy.  It's a shame, each day I come in and think, I will try really hard to ignore all the cr@p going on around me and just let it wash over my head but it's so bad, it's really impossible to do so.  I don't know what possessed me to go back there really but I'm very glad I did, otherwise I wouldn't have met Ron, and that would have been tragic.

Anyway, apart from work, actually, everything else is pretty good.  I'm still not in full enjoying pregnancy mode at all and I challenge any first trimester lady to do so but I continue to approach the time when I really think I will and I am so looking forward to the first proper scan, getting to the 2nd trimester, starting to have a proper baby bump rather than a wind and water bump and so on and so forth.  I will feel a million times better after the scan if I see that my little shrimp has grown in to a mini human.  It couldn't come soon enough.  Just 2½ weeks to go.

I went to see some old school friends from where I grew up this weekend just gone.  It was really, really lovely.  I hadn't seen them for a good couple of years but when you know people as well as that, it doesn't really matter how long it has been since you saw them last.  Nearly all of them have children so we talked a lot about pregnancies and babies (poor Ron, it can't have been much fun for him), which is just the sort of thing I used to hate my friends all doing when I wasn't pregnant but it's such a monumental thing in your life, you just can't help but join in when you're going through it as well.  We talked about all the gory details, the labours (some fairly horrific by the sound of it), the miscarriage my friend had, the ecstatic feeling when you finally give birth, the little things their angels do that make them smile etc. etc.  It's a shame I don't have more local friends in the area I now live in in the same position but I've no doubt I'll meet lots of new people at NCT classes and at all the great things there are to do with babies! (I was born for this, I would so much rather be painting butterflies with my bear hands and feet than working with a bunch of idiots)

This week, another fairly monumental thing happened, I met the in-laws!  Ron's mother and husband live in the States and don't come to the UK that often but were in Southampton for just a few hours in between cruises (alright for some, hey!).  My parents live in that area so we went down South for a long weekend and greeted his folks off the cruise and took them to lunch.  We had a lovely time meeting them and introducing all the parents to each other.  We decided, even though we aren't at the critical first proper scan stage yet, that we would tell Ron's mum when we met here face to face rather than wait.  Bless her (Glenna), I think she is quite an emotional lady - she was already balling her eyes out just meeting me (she's very happy that Ron is so happy - and he is - even if he tells you I'm a nag and more than a bit stroppy right now - he knows that if he doesn't tell you this, he'll get a smack round the chops with my silver bell).  When Ron started to try to tell her the news about us having a baby, she fell apart!  Ron will deny this, but then he started crying as well, and then I did too, just because everyone else was.  Anyway, she was very happy about the news, as are we.

I'm afraid this week has also seen the first pregnancy casualty - my iPhone.  Due to my ridiculous obsession with chocolate, I was carrying around in my handbag, some chocolate eggs.  Lord knows what possessed me to do so, but I was harbouring these necessities in my iPhone pocket.  On Friday, it was the hottest day of the year so far and, sadly, the chocolate eggs melted all over my iPhone and in to the little ear piece so now I can't hear people when they call me (and I'm stuck on the blinking contract until October).  I'm currently trying to come up with workarounds.

Anyway, roll on 11 weeks.  I am counting down the days, literally, to the scan now ...

Current Symptoms:
  • Night-time trips to the loo (increasing in amount, it's rare I get through the night without two trips at the mo - i.e. interrupted night's sleep every night)
  • Tummy full of wind and water
  • Bigger and sore boobs
  • Nausea (not actually being sick, just feeling like I will be)
  • Tiredness - but far less than before
  • A distinct hatred for most of my work colleagues (this will never go away - from next week, I will stop adding it to the list of symptoms as it isn't a symptom of pregnancy, it's a symptom of working somewhere with a bunch of @rseholes!)


It's a difficult job being the partner of an expectant mother; a very difficult job. The hormone changes make life errm ... interesting. I'm coping rather well at the moment I think and as I only have a couple of other outstanding things I need to do before I can focus solely on the baby to be, I'm hopeful I'll make it through the next few weeks without much more grey hair (I sure hoister so anyway).

As Natalie said in her portion of the post, all the parents got to meet each other at the week end. It was a beautiful day for it, and apart from getting slightly lost trying to find the Holiday Inn in Southampton and getting slightly lost again getting back to "Dock 4" the whole day went very well. I believe Stephen and Glenna were happy about the news - although I won't be able to speak to them on the phone until weekend after next to confirm they weren't just in shock.

The next big challenge for me is to tell my children and ex-wife about the baby. I'm not sure if I mentioned that I only get to see my middle daughter or not, but I do get to see her (and consequently, my ex-wife) every other weekend. I'm researching the opinions of psychologists and other internet pundits at the moment for advice on how to discuss the news. In the end I'm sure I'll just "wing it" but having all that extra information in my mind should help us all - I hope. I still have a few weeks to think and research so I'll let you all know what I find out and - more importantly - how well it all goes.

Some vaguely interesting news on the house and job fronts but I'll wait until next week to discuss when things will be more concrete.


I have been really busy this week.  Phew, I'm exhausted, almost as tired as Mummy!  This week, I have been growing hair follicles and fingernails and am about 4 cm long.  If I am a lady, I have even been growing ovaries but I'm not going to tell you if I have ovaries or not.  That would be no fun.  Mummy will have to wait and find out the hard way! For the first time, I have been able to spread out my fingers and toes too.  I can greet the Vulcans properly as I'm no longer webbed like a duck.  Check me out!  Mummy is doing an excellent job so far.  It must be very hard work making something as precise and perfect as me.  I will thank her one day.

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