Sunday, 12 June 2011

11 Weeks


A lot seems to have happened this week.  Firstly, after my symptoms seemingly almost going away for about 3 - 4 days last week, they came back with a vengeance for the whole of this week.  I had read about this happening a lot and whilst it was pretty horrendous sickness and tiredness-wise this week, I was actually quite relieved as all the time you're hugging the toilet, it's normally a fairly good sign that the little one is continuing to develop healthily.  I ended up being off sick from work for a couple of days and struggling in for the others which did prompt me to tell my boss what the situation was.  We don't have the best relationship in the world (well, it's not a bad one I guess, just a very weird one) so I was very relieved that he seemed delighted with the news and quite sympathetic to my symptoms so at least that's one awkward conversation done!

Having worried quite a bit the previous week when my symptoms had gone down (and also just because, my word, being pregnant just makes you incredibly sensitive and emotional), I decided that I wanted to get another private scan. Excessive you may thing but I weighed it all up and, for £50, given that I haven't been out drinking, buying cigarettes (or doing much really) for quite a few weeks, if that was how I wanted to spend the money I would normally have spent on going out then I thought, screw it, why not?  I needed some reassurance as I had almost started talking about Shrimpy like he / she was already dead, which I know was crazy, and I think also very upsetting for Ron so I just wanted to see that he / she was OK.  I promised Ron, and myself, that if Shrimpy looked less like a shrimp when we went back, I would stop being negative about him / her being OK and start being much more positive about the whole thing.  I wasn't convinced I would stick to it but I am delighted to say that Shrimpy doesn't like like a shrimp anymore and is doing absolutely fine, AND, I actually do feel a million times better about it now and think the little poppet is going to be OK.  She even has some of my traits already I think.  The midwife wanted to see Shrimpy moving about so told me to bounce my pelvis up and down quite violently several times and then we saw Shrimpy on the screen and she looked really p*ssed off and looked straight in to the "camera", gave me a really stroppy glare and then looked away again to try and get comfy.  I thought, that's my girl (or boy)!

So, here's Shrimpy at about 11 weeks and 2 days.

What a cutie.  The poor bugger looks like he / she's got Ron's big nose!

We've also had a very busy week on the living arrangements front.  I own a house round the corner which I'm not living in for reasons I won't go in to but basically, I've been renting for a while and there was always going to come a time when the house became available again for me to move back in (back with my beloved cats who I have missed desperately over the last year) and to try to get out of our rental agreement.  We always knew this would be very stressful as the contract agreement runs until November but, without going in to the details, whilst it has been one of the most stressful things I've had to go through for quite some time, we finally have moving dates and are at least back in control of the many things we need to do between now and the moving date in early July.  I can't wait to get back in there and start thinking about setting up the nursery.

I'll be so much happier by the end of July as we've had so many really stressful things to deal with over the past couple of months and what with work and feeling terribly sick and exhausted as well, it's been a tough time.  Whilst I'm not over the worst yet, I definitely think I can see the top of the mountain now!

Current Symptoms:
  • Frequent night time toilet trips
  • Enormous and sore boobs
  • Terrible nausea
  • Exhaustion - the worst yet
  • A slightly growing tummy!


This really has been a busy week indeed. It's mostly been non-baby things though - lots of moving news (work and home), which Natalie has already mentioned a little bit. Also, we had a fun fair here in Faversham this weekend and I went on the Waltzer with my middle daughter who came to visit us this weekend. That was a lot of fun but I actually felt fairly ill afterwards. That really is unusual as I have a very high tolerance for motion sickness so either it was extremely high velocity spinning or I'm losing my tolerance for such things. I vote for the former.

The real news is that the scan went very well and we've been able to tell more people about the pregnancy. It really feels like the pressure is off now so all we need to do is move house and change jobs and explain the new baby to the kids and ... hmmmm - maybe the pressure isn't all off just yet. I'll have a clearer idea about jobs this week so by the time we move next month, we really should be through the worst of it.

I'm really very pleased with the last scan. The changes are very apparent and modern imaging is really amazing. Oh, and by the way, I don't have a big nose!


I know exactly how big I am at the moment because a lady measured me.  She said I was 4½ cm long.  She told me I was due to enter the world around about 27th December!  I can't believe Mummy has given me such a rubbish potential birthday date!  She hates hers being close to Christmas so to give me a birthday between Christmas and New Year?!  Well.  Why I oughtta.

Now I am fully formed, I'm quite enjoying stretching and moving about a bit.  Some people say I look like a ballerina.  The placenta (a big squidgy thing that I'm stuck in here with - apparently it's a really important bit of squidge and will keep me alive!) hasn't completely taken over looking after me yet but it's very almost there.  I'm not sure if this is supposed to mean much to me but, allegedly, I can now officially be referred to as a fetus!  Nice.  I guess.  Chat next week, I've got chilling to do.

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