Tuesday, 21 June 2011

12 Weeks


Well, I'm currently 12 weeks and 3 days pregnant and am officially through the first trimester!  I'd like to say it has flown by but I'm afraid it has really dragged, particularly leading up to scan time.

I had read that the symptoms generally start to recede from around now and I'm pleased to say the exhaustion side of things is slightly better (although I never know if that is linked to my M.E. or to being pregnant) but the nausea, sheesh, that continues.  It is most unpleasant.  I thought I was getting over the worst but yesterday I was so, so close to throwing up on the tube.  A stale, broken up, ginger biscuit that I found in my bag saved me from certain humiliation - just.  I still feel like I can see the top of the mountain but I'm not there yet.

I am very excited about the week to come.  This week, I have my first official scan on Thursday where they do the nuchal translucency testing and once we have seen Shrimpy again and know that she is developing OK (I am just going to refer to Shrimpy as 'she' until we find out the sex as it is weary calling it 'he / she' and I feel a little like I'm calling her a transvestite which is plain wrong), Ron will tell his other children and then we will be ready to officially announce it to the world!

I've been useless of course and told almost all of my friends already so I'm not sure there are too many left who don't know but I will tell people at work then and it will be a huge relief when everything is out in the open and Ron has told his other children as I know he is very nervous about this.  I'm nervous for him too as we just don't know how they will feel about it.  I hope they will be happy about getting a half-brother or sister and know that their Dad still loves them just the same but having not been in that situation myself, it's hard to know whether they might feel angry, sad, anxious, etc. so I guess we just keep our fingers crossed.

My belly has started to pop out this week.  It has changed from being full of wind and water to starting to look a little like it is full of baby, albeit a very tiny baby at the moment.  I don't think I'm showing to the rest of the world but to me, my tummy looks HUGE!  I feel like an elephant at the moment too as none of my trousers fit me properly and yet I'm not big enough for maternity clothes so it's a bit of an awkward time.  Anyone who doesn't know would definitely assume it was me who had all the pies.  And they'd probably be right.

I'm a little disappointed to have not had any bizarre cravings like a desperate desire for anchovy ice cream!  The only things I have really craved at all are chocolate and chocolate milk. Even the smell of coffee continues to make me want to hurl and the sight of mushrooms brings out sweaty palm palpitations but generally, all is much the same, I'm just eating lots of biscuits to stave off the nausea really.

I spent the weekend with my brother's family, which includes 1 and 3 year old girls - a hint of things to come.  I have to say, I was a little exhausted when they left as you just don't get a break for a second with little ones around but I'm ready for it so I don't expect it to be any different.

Whenever I say to people how I can't wait to be a Mummy and be at home rather than be at work, they keep reminding me how much hard work it is bringing up children.  It's hard for me to describe to anyone what I mean but I'm totally up for a bit of hard graft, I love working hard, what I hate is back stabbing and manipulation and I'm afraid my workplace is the pits for politics and back-stabbing so bring it on I say.  I will take all the hard work you've got over having to watch my back every second at work so I say it again, I can't wait to leave my job and am counting down the days... and hours... and minutes.  Did I mention I hate my job?!

On the subject of jobs, Ron has handed his notice in now from this evil place (lucky b@stard) so he'll be off in a couple of weeks which is good for him, and good for us in the long term but I can't help wondering how I'm going to get through the next 5 - 6 months here without him as he is all that keeps me sane!  I'm very pleased for him though as this place has been driving us both to destruction and I fear if Ron had stayed here much longer, someone was going to get hurt!

We have a moving date too and are progressing with packing and selling of furniture that won't fit in the house we are moving to and I just can't wait to be back in there so that we can be back in control of where we live and start thinking about painting a little nursery!  I'm very excited about getting the nursery together.  Little Shrimpy's room.

Yesterday was an interesting day too.  I met up with a really good bunch of friends from my favourite workplace of the past ever - GF-X.  Of the 5 girlies there, one had a 6 month old baby, one a 3 month old baby, one was 37 weeks pregnant and fit to burst and then there was me with my ever-so-tiny Shrimpy! Oh, how we have all changed.  It was fascinating to see everyone at the different stages of mummyhood!

Anyway, by the time I post again, we will have 13 week scan pictures of the Shrimpster, who will look so much more like a baby and hopefully not have a head quite so mahoosive, and we will know whether Ron's children are every going to speak to him again!  Fingers crossed on both counts.

Current Symptoms:
  • A pot baby belly (hoorah)
  • Boobs the size of watermelons
  • Nausea (still! Bugger off nausea)
  • Constipation (yum - prunes - my favourite)


All in all it's been a great week - both baby related and "other stuff" related. Natalie has started to show a little bit - not hugely and by that I mean not even slightly fat or anything (this is now my common disclaimer for any sentence that has the word fat in it). It's really nice to see and I'm really glad we're finally getting to the point where it's obvious that we're having a baby and all the good things that go along with that like getting a seat on the tube (well a bit better chance anyway) and just generally being a pregnant couple; it's very nice. The official scan coming up next week is a real milestone - very exciting!

As Natalie mentioned in her post, I've managed to sort out the job issue and resigned from my current role on Wednesday so all the "other stuff" is being resolved and the first week of July is officially the busiest week in the history of mankind. I have an opportunity to do a day's work down in Hampshire as well so basically, I finish my current job on the 6th, move our things to the new house on the 7th, down to Hampshire on the 8th back here on the 9th, move in to the new house on the 10th and first day at the new job on the 11th. It will be a week to remember (or forget!) but resolves so many outstanding issues it really will be worth it.

I'm still researching all the different approaches to telling my children about the new baby so I'll have more to report next week as far as what everyone else says, and the results of having the conversation. I'm nervously optimistic that everything will work out well - fingers crossed ....


I am now about the size of a plum!  I'm starting to notice things around me too and thankfully, my eyes have moved from the side of my head to the front! Awesome, I thought I was going to be born looking like a fish.  I'd be a laughing stock.  I can smile, squint, frown and wrinkle my forehead (mummy likes to frown and wrinkle her forehead so I'm practising so I can be just like her).  And what's this?  Hair!  I have hair growing on my head.  Sometimes I like to style it in to a little mohican (well, what else am I supposed to do in here for the next 6 months - talk about boring!  I thought mummy might install a plasma screen or something but no such luck).  Oh, and that big squidgy thing I told you about last week, whatever it is, it is now supporting me so whatever mummy eats will now get passed on to me.  A couple of days ago, I had my first kebab courtesy of mummy.  I have to say, it wasn't half bad.  Chat next week!

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