Monday, 27 June 2011

13 Weeks


Well, this is the week we have been waiting for, I guess the first big milestone. We had our 13 week scan on Thursday this week and then this weekend, Ron told his other children about the new arrival, something we were both very nervous about, especially him.

Although I've been feeling very apprehensive also about Ron telling his children as we really didn't know how they would take it, I've been quite excited too as once they know, I can tell the world! I am utterly useless at keeping my own secrets or big news so I'm not sure there are that many people left to announce the news to but I can now officially tell everyone (and customarily announce the coming of Shrimpy on facebook!).

So, first, the scan. Well, I am so glad we had paid for the second private one. At the time, I did think I was probably being a little silly but if all we had had was the NHS one on Thursday, I would have been so disappointed. The experience was so different from the wonderful experiences we had now had twice at Kent Medical Imaging and we were in and out within about 5 minutes! The lady in the blue coat didn't really tell us much about Shrimpy or let us hear the heartbeat or anything so I'm so pleased we have been able to do that already, Still, it was great to see Shrimpy again and she looks like she is doing great and even has a head that is more head shaped now. She moved around lots for the scan and even turned around a full 360 degrees! I couldn't believe it - I thought they were more tightly packed in there. The lady measured the nuchal fluid behind the neck and said it was absolutely fine so whilst I haven't received anything yet about the risk of Down's, I must assume that that means Shrimpy is doing fine. We also now have an official estimated due date of 27th December. Not the best of timing but at least my little bean can share in my sadness at having a birthday near Christmas!

Anyway, I am now feeling so much better about Shrimpy making it and feeling very positive that she is going to turn out to be a perfect little bean so I am going to try to start enjoying pregnancy now (even though I feel like a fat b@stard).

Here's Shrimpy at about 13 weeks and 2 days.

So, as I said, Ron told his children yesterday. The middle daughter, the one we see every other weekend, was with us this weekend so he told her over lunch. I guess the news was taken as we expected it to be really. She isn't happy and "really doesn't like babies" and whilst I am a little upset about it, I understand why she feels the way she does and I am hoping that it is just a big shock and that by December she will at the very least be used to the idea. At best, I hope she will be excited about having a little brother or sister by then but I guess we will have to wait and see. Mostly, I think she is concerned about all that screaming and crying through the night to come, and she's not the only one, but we'll buy her super industrial strength ear plugs. I'm intending to buy in bulk anyway if my plans of a soundproof booth at the end of the garden don't come off.

Anyway, so, a bit sad but it's all out in the open now and we can get on with telling the world about what, to us, is a very special time.

I also told a few people at work this week. I had already told one of my bosses a few weeks ago when I was particularly suffering with sickness and exhaustion and on Friday, I decided to tell the other one. He was as awkward as ever about it but I'm glad to get it out in the open as I've no doubt people were starting to wonder why I had doubled in size all over and was waddling through the office like a duck.

Other than that, this week has been all about the packing. There seems so much to do still and I am really not looking forward to moving yet again but I am desperate to be back in my old house with my cats again. They seem to have turned a little feral over the last 9 months or so due to lack of attention and I have been finding it very hard to see so I really hope they will turn back in to the cats they used to be when Ron and I move in. Just two weeks to go and it couldn't come quickly enough.

Well, there isn't much else to report this week. I spend most of my time at the moment eating and rolling from one furniture item to another. I REALLY need to start doing some exercise again. I think next week needs to be the week I get my enormous butt in to gear and start doing something about the beached whale situation.

The b@stard nausea still hangs on too. It's not quite as bad as before but I really do wish it would fire-truck off.

Current Symptoms (unchanged from last week):
  • A pot baby belly (hoorah)
  • Boobs the size of watermelons
  • Nausea (still! Bugger off nausea)
  • Constipation (yum - prunes - my favourite)


This really has been a milestone week. It's odd really since the 12 (or in our case the 13) week scan is such a big deal and as Natalie said, the whole thing was a bit underwhelming. I'm becoming quite an expert on identifying all the relevant "parts" in the scans now and it's quite surprising how much the baby is moving around. I always expected them to just kind of stay in one place and move pretty slowly. On Thursday, shrimpy (yes, I've started calling her shrimpy too now so that nickname will probably stick forever!) stopped short of breaking into a song and dance, but only just. There was a lot of waving, twisting and general motion; a very nice thing to see.

I believe that I mentioned the job situation has been resolved in the last post and I now have a definite start date of 11th July so now it's all about moving to the new house and getting settled in. I'm really looking forward to doing the nursery decorating and by the time we know shrimpy's gender, I'll have some of the extra money from the new job so things really are finally coming together. I came across this stuff a while ago and I hope we'll be able to use that in the nursery area; very cool stuff ...


I am currently about 7½ cm and growing rapidly. Lots has been happening this week. There was some prodding around on Thursday - I think Mummy was getting yet more photos taken of me. I feel like a celebrity. Mostly though, I have been exploring! OK, so, as much as I can in this tiny little bubble. Turns out there's not much to see but I've been moving around, bouncing off the walls and just generally getting used to using some of these newly formed muscles. I have all 20 of my teeth now as well, although they won't poke through for some time still. I don't much look forward to that, it sounds pretty painful. Oh, and, you'll like this, my intestines, which strangely started outside my body, in like a big squiggly cord thing, are actually moving inside my body as we speak! Gross. I feel like I'm in Alien. "Ripley!". Mummy had a terrible Chinese last night. She went to an all you can eat buffet in the 'dodgy' (if there is such a thing) part of Faversham and all that got through to me was sugar, salt and more E numbers than I care to ever come across again in my life. Thanks Mummy. Can we just go back to the kebab?

Anyway, I'm off to get bigger and fill Mummy's tummy even more.

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  1. Ginger biscuits for the nausea. Plus it's a good excuse to keep biscuits by the bed.

    NHS scans, yes, the first one was great, but the second one the woman managed to upset Mrs Rob by telling her off for having a too-full bladder and then telling her that the question "how big is it?" was a meaningless question. All the bedside manner and charm of an overworked, resentful, public sector employee, then.