Tuesday, 12 July 2011

15 Weeks


Well, we're almost a full week behind on the blog now.  I'm nearly 16 weeks today but ignore that and pretend with me that it is just 15 weeks still.

It really has been a week to forget.  As I mentioned last week, we moved out of our rented house on Thursday and in to our new house on Sunday.  To be honest, Thursday was a nightmare.  I knew it would be bad but it was even worse than I expected and literally, we didn't stop running around and lifting heavy things from the crack of dawn.  It wasn't like moving in to a normal house where you can take your time and work it around your schedule and where you are moving your belongings in to an empty house, no, that would be too easy.  We had a fixed slot to try to move things in to half a room as my ex was still living there (which isn't his fault at all - I messed up the agreed move date with him) and was only out of the house for a determined amount of time and we also had the agent for the rented place coming to check the property which had to be spotless.  That, added to being given a smaller van that we expected, the rental place being in a completely different town than the one stated on the confirmation mail and the company's website and the fact that you can only take vehicles under 2 meters (lower than the height of the van that we had a super king size mattress and various other items in that HAD to go that day) to a Kentish tip (except on Wednesdays and Saturdays and only by prior arrangement) and the fact that the rental hire company shut its gates at 5pm so any time after that meant we had to go back the following morning, therefore meaning we had to find somewhere to sleep at the last minute (which is harder than you might think in Faversham), well, it meant that it was a pretty sh1tty day or two.

It took us a couple of days to recover from Thursday and then we were back again moving in physically and now face a mountain of things to do in the house and a number of urgent maintenance items.  In short, I genuinely am very glad to be back in the house but there are a few more nasty and stressful weeks to get through before we can actually start enjoying it!

So, apologies for the moan but I'm feeling pretty fed up about it all.

We're also late updating as Sky take two weeks to turn your phone and broadband on, which is disgraceful, so we are pretty much unconnected to the world at a time when we could really do with being connected.

House move b0llocks aside, Shrimpy is thankfully doing OK!  I was a little worried about her as I had no choice but to exert myself on Thurs and I've been more stressed the past couple of weeks than I have been for a really long time but this morning, I had an appointment with my disinterested midwife and whilst most of what she did was simply ticking a box for her, she did listen to Shrimpy's heartbeat and it's still going so I am delighted!  The risk of Down's is also low so basically everything is going to plan thus far.

I am getting a little bigger now and although I don't think any strangers would yet notice I am pregnant (I've noticed there are a remarkable number of women around that just have fat bellies making it much more difficult for us pregnant ladies to get that sought after seat on the tube), anyone who knows me well would definitely notice.

I'm still pretty uncomfortable in my clothes having not had time to get to a department store to get myself some decent maternity trousers but I pray I'll find time soon to do this.

Other than that, all is progressing as expected.

As discussed in a previous blog post, the difference between the private and NHS scan was staggering and I really want to have the more pleasant experience when I find out if my little Shrimp is a lady so we have decided to go for a private scan in a couple of weeks.  I'll be just under 18 weeks at that point.  I'm actually really, really nervous about this as, as long as I don't know, I can pretend Shrimpy is a lady and I am a little bit worried about finding out she is in fact a little gentleman as in my head, she is 100% all woman!  I'll be fine once I have got used to Shrimpy being a boy if that is the case but it will be a bit of a shock.  We will soon see!

Anyway, I best get home and continue unpacking ...

Current Symptoms:
  • A growing pot baby belly
  • Boobs that are STILL growing bigger (I will be bigger tan Jordan by the end)
  • Very mild nausea - much less unpleasant than a couple of weeks ago but still hanging around
  • Constipation (<TMI Warning>still really bad - what I'd give to do a decent number two</TMI Warning>)


I seem to have two main starting points for this blog. “As Natalie said” – as discussed last week – and “It’s been really busy” – or something to that effect. This week is even worse as it’s now Tuesday and I’m typing my update to email to Natalie to paste into the blog. It truly has been a difficult week with moving (and all the things that can go wrong with that), lack of an internet connection (due to the ineptness of Sky) and the difficulties in starting a new job. 

On the baby front, things are all very good – Natalie is showing more and more and we’ve been shopping – again – for maternity clothes and such. We saw some great new baby things at the Ralph Lauren Outlet Store in Ashford that were very good (http://www.ralphlauren.co.uk/product/index.jsp?productId=4518351&prodFindSrc=search is an example). 

It will be really nice to finally know shrimpy’s gender as things like this kind of force the point! BTW – as a not so subtle point – anything from the Ralph Lauren shop would make a great gift (for me too!) The only disturbing thing is Natalie’s inability to take things easy and she moved / lifted far too much during the move regardless of my frequent chastisements. Very stubborn. Anyway, all this leads to the inevitable – this is going to be a brief entry this week and with that I hope that Natalie has covered all the rest …


I am now about the size of an avocado and can hear things.  Mummy seems to be swearing a lot but I don't blame her really.  I have little hard bits on my toes too.  I am told these are toenails.  These are useful for ... actually, no one could tell me what these are useful for but I have them anyway!  I can grip things now and am reaching around and tugging things.  Sometimes I tug on this big chordy type thing that connects me to Mummy.  I don't think Mummy can feel this yet but don't worry, she soon will!  I will double in size in the next few weeks apparently.  How exciting. Mummy is going to be huge!

That's all from me this week.  Chat soon.

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