Monday, 25 July 2011

17 Weeks


Another week without broadband!  Grrr, I have a real hatred for Sky now.  Apart from the fact that it has been really difficult for us to sort out all the things you generally need to sort out when you move house without a landline phone or the internet, it has meant that I can't work from home. I've been feeling rubbish for a week or so now but soldiering in regardless with my 2 hour commute and cramming myself on to the lovely Jubilee line for the final leg. Not being able to work from home one day a week as normal is really hurting me now. That one day of having an extra 2 hours in bed and being finished work and at home at 5:30ish rather than back home at 8pm makes a huge difference to my week.

Anyway, I guess I should get to the important part! So, as discussed, on Saturday morning we had a scan to find out the sex of the little Shrimpster at Kent Medical Imaging. The staff are amazing there and for the relatively small price tag, it is so so worth it. For just £50, we got 20 mins of looking at Shrimpy, lots of photos, a DVD and even a brief switch in to 3D land (very scary - I'll get to that later!). I needed an experience like this when finding out the sex of Shrimpy as in my heart, I truly believed Shrimpy was a lady and was kind of hoping she was. So, imagine my surprise when just a couple of minutes in to the appointment, this happened:
[Scan Lady]: Ooh, there's something between his legs!
[Me]: (slightly in shock) Oh no, it's not a willy is it?
[Scan Lady]: Yes, that's right, it is
[Me]: Are you sure that's a willy?
[Scan Lady]: Yes, quite sure.
She must have thought I was mad. Of course she was sure it was a willy - she has been doing the job for years!  I'm not going to lie, initially I was disappointed. I've made no secret of the fact that I was hoping for a little lady and I was in shock a little for the rest of the day but having had a chance now to get used to the idea and watching the DVD again of little Shrimpy and his pecker wiggling about, I now feel terrible for my initial disappoint and have already fallen in love with the little fella. He was very, very cute and kept sucking his thumb, as below (my Mum has already pointed out that it looks like he is right-handed):

(P.S. That is his leg!) So, Shrimpy is doing well although it was a little freaky seeing him in 3D at this stage. This wasn't something I would have necessarily chosen to do as none fully formed babies look pretty scary. Later on in the pregnancy, I think it is probably a nice idea but the poor little lad looks a bit like Valdemort right now:

It's really nice to know the sex as it makes it seem so much more real and we can actually now picture us with our little man. The only thing we are really struggling with at the moment is names!  We had quite a few girl's names that we were both very happy with but we are really struggling with boy's names. Every name we come up with reminds us of someone we don't like (we don't like quite a lot of people which hinders us in this area!). We'll work on this some more.

Other than the big unveiling of the pecker, it's been another busy week. Lots going on at work and so much to do in the house still but little by little we are making progress. It would be great to have a weekend where we aren't doing DIY from start to finish but hopefully soon we can have a little break as we are both exhausted!

I guess the next big milestone now will be feeling Shrimpy move. My placenta is anterior which means it is on the front wall. Basically the placenta forms wherever the egg implants itself and mine happened to be on the front wall (i.e. where my tummy is). Because of that, it can take longer for ladies with anterior placentas to feel their little ones kick. It could happen any time around now but I'm not going to expect it for a few more weeks. I can feel little flutters at the moment but who knows if that's Shrimpy or just wind!

Current Symptoms:
  • Toilet stops through the night
  • Bleeding gums (this has actually been going on for a while but I forgot to mention it. It's quite common apparently with all the extra blood being pumped round the body. It happens pretty much every time I brush my teeth)
  • Uncontrollable wind (now I know Shrimpy is a boy, it explains EVERYTHING - normally I never do wind as I am a girl and when I do it smells of roses but now it smells of something my brother would do - not nice)


Well … it’s officially a boy. It’s really a strange feeling now; knowing that shrimpy is indeed a boy. Although I put very little credence in the gender guessing game, I thought – for whatever reason – that he was a she. It may just have been that I know how much Natalie wanted a little girl, or – most likely – that I just made it up. Regardless, he is indeed a he and now all of you who were waiting to get down to your nearest Ralph Lauren shop can go and pick up all those presents. Just kidding of course.

Natalie has covered all the rest of the week’s main events I believe; lots of working around the house and equally tidying up and making a mess. The net effect seem pretty similar, but we’re making progress toward a nice organised place for the shrimp and otherwise, I’ve been focused on work so I’ll be able to have some time off in January (for obvious reasons).

Names are a real problem now and the internet seems to make this process more difficult by offering up wonderful selections like Aethelbeorn and Thrythwig – jeez …


I am now around about 13 cm tall and have been compared to a sweet potato (nice!). I'm continuing to fatten up (again, I don't know if this is normal or just the cakes that Mummy is eating but it's happening none the less) and my body continues to grow to bring my mahoosive head more in to proportion with it.

I've also started to get reflexes to things too so sometimes when I hear a loud noise or I get prodded (there was lots of prodding on Saturday morning - I didn't like that), I kick out and sometimes grab things. Sometimes I skip with the umbilical chord, I think Mummy caught me doing this on camera on Saturday.

The big squidgy thing I am in here with, I think Mummy calls it the placenta, is about the same size as me at the moment and I still have quite a bit of room to move. I understand that things will get pretty tight in here over the next few months so I am making the most of floating about freely.

So, that's right, I have a little pecker! I have known all along that I am a little gentleman. I do hope Mummy isn't disappointed, I know she initially was hoping for a little lady but I will be the most special little gentleman in the world so I just know she is going to think I am fabulous when she meets me. I heard her say to Daddy that she would dress me in Ralph Lauren so I can't wait for that!

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