Sunday, 14 August 2011

20 Weeks


Well, I'm officially half-way there this week! In some ways time has flown and in some ways it has really dragged but I still can't believe half the pregnancy is already done! The first trimester really, really dragged actually and I thought about being pregnant every moment of every day. I think it is because you can't tell people for most of it, no one can see you are pregnant and you worry a lot about miscarrying but the last few weeks has definitely flown by.

I'm continuing to get a bigger belly by the day and I think strangers would probably be able to tell I have a bun in the oven now. I'm continuing to get a bigger @rse too, but that's entirely self-inflicted.

I had a couple of pregnancy firsts this week. I had my first person offer me a seat on the tube - a lady of course. It was more due to my little TfL 'Baby on Board' badge rather than the bump but I was pleased it worked. I have started wearing it on my handbag as a) it is more at the level it needs to be for people in their seats to notice it and b) I feel like far less of a plonk wearing it there. Secondly, I finally managed to find a pair of maternity trousers that actually fit and don't look ridiculous. I bought some jeans that are more comfy than any other jeans I have ever had so I'm really pleased. I'm still really struggling with work trousers so am currently resorting to elasticated skirts but hopefully I'll find some soon. I really wish I could wear dungarees to work - I always dreamed of wearing dungarees when pregnant. It's definitely time they were back in fashion.

Generally, I am really getting in to the swing of things anyway and really starting to enjoy being pregnant. It feels like something that will actually happen now so we've started thinking about the essentials we will need for Shrimpy's arrival and yesterday, I bought Shrimpy's first toy! It is super cool and there was no way I could resist. I was walking around Faversham town centre with a number of items that were not the two items I had gone to town for (mostly, the extras were sweets - yummy, I like sweets) and outside one of Faversham's many charity shops, they were just placing a caterpillar thingy that you can actually sit in, rock and, holy smoke, it only plays music and says things when you press on those little antenna things that come out of its head (what are those things anyway - are they ears?). Awesome. It was only £4.50 so it had to be mine, I mean Shrimpy's. Here it is:

We also found a couple of real bargains at a local car boot sale today which I am really pleased with so we have a moses basket now and a cot to collect from an eBay seller so slowly but surely, the nursery will start looking like a nursery soon rather than a guest room. Most of all, I can't wait to get my hands on all the toys. I saw a number of toys this week that I NEED to buy urgently. Shrimpy won't be able to use them for a few years but I have promised to keep them warm until then. If they are broken by the time Shrimpy is 3 from overuse, I'll just have to buy him some new stuff. Did you know you can get an ice cream factory for play doh? Way cool.

With all the excitement over children's toys, I almost forgot to mention I had the 20 week scan this week. As I mentioned, if we hadn't already been impatient and seen the little man's pecker, this would have been the day we found out Shrimpy was a chap but as we already knew that, it was just a chance for me to check in on the little guy again and make sure all was proper and correct. Ron wasn't able to make this one as it is trickier to take time off his work right now so I was on my own and missed him being there a bit but it was really cool to see the boy somersaulting about again and skipping with the umbilical chord. All was developing well and the presence of a pecker was confirmed, as you can see for yourselves below (bum, lower legs and todger):

And, another spooky one of Shrimpy looking straight at the camera (but look, I think that looks like a smile, in fact I am sure of it and I am also sure he is smiling because I give him cream cakes and make him happy):

Anyway, no other real news this week. I've had an eye infection for the past few days which is getting worse and is a major pain in the butt (and eye) but other than that, all is groovy and I am very much looking forward to feeling that first kick any time around now. Still no firm kicks yet but lots and lots of fluttering so I think it's getting close.

Oh, and aqua natal again, which I am loving and now that Ron can join me each week to perve over the pregnant ladies get in his weekly aqua exercise, it's even better. And he didn't get a jelly baby and I did (although I'm still p1ssed off we only get one - it's a bl00dy good job I have my own supply of sweets at home).

Oh, oh, and just one more thing, we now have a name for Shrimpy!  And no, Mummy and Daddy (as in my Mummy and Daddy), I won't tell you what it is, you'll just have to wait for another 5 months or so!

Current Symptoms:
  • Toilet stops through the night
  • A growing tummy again
  • Bleeding gums (my gums bleed every time I brush my teeth now which isn't very pleasant but apparently very common)
  • Shortness of breath (this continues to be quite bad so I have to be careful about walking too far without a break)


We have a name! Finally. It seems like ages, but really only a couple of weeks but anyway, I think the search for a name is complete. To be honest, I thought it would take a lot longer and require a lot more … how should I put this … debate I suppose. I had visions of shrimpy being born nameless until the very last minute and coming up with some odd compromise or even just going for Shrimpy Shrimp Hatcher or something like that.

About mid-week, I was at work - working away - when Natalie sent me a mail (I don’t recall now what it was about) and suggested a name at the very end. We had kind of agreed to forget about names for the time being and to be honest the name she suggested didn’t really seem that great. Anyway, a few minutes later it happened. An email with a subject of “or”. Or what I thought. And there it was … the name. Cool but not crazy. Unique but not completely made up. Easy to spell. Easy to pronounce. Perfect.

So that was a major achievement and quite honestly more than enough for one week but we did have a great evening on Thursday. I’m sure natalie will talk all about her Aqua natal class and while she was doing her thing, I managed to swim 65 lengths of the pool. I really got my moneys worth out of that session! It was also the first time I got to wear my Orlebar  Brown swim shorts.Very stylish indeed - perhaps a bit too stylish for Faversham. Anyway, I got them as a leaving present from work and it was nice to have something really extravagant that I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to buy for myself. I would highly recommend them to anyone though.

So now all we need to do is agree on a middle name. I think shrimpy sounds good …


I am a staggering 16½ cm or so now and will probably grow about a cm a week until launch time! The size growth slows down a bit now so that all my internal bits and bobs can mature, and my brain will need a lot of maturing as I am going to be super smart.

Hair is actually growing out the top of my head now and generally, everything is just getting thicker and stronger. My senses are all developing too so I can taste much better than before and am really enjoying some of the creamy, sugary goodness that Mummy is giving me.

I'm kicking Mummy as hard as I can and prodding her a fair bit but she says she can't feel it yet. I'll just have to keep kicking harder. I enjoy being particularly active when Mummy is resting - she'll thank me for that later!

Mummy and Daddy told me this week what they are going to call me. I'm pretty happy with the name actually, it sounds kind of cool, so I'm not at all disappointed. And no Grandma and Grandpa Wood, I won't tell you what it is, you'll just have to wait!

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  1. C'mon Shrimpy - you can let on to your dear old Grandad! ("Grandad", by the way ... not "Grandpa"!)