Sunday, 21 August 2011

21 Weeks


Generally, it's been a very pleasant week, although I am feeling very sorry for myself with a very poorly eye today so if there are any negative undertones in this week's blog entry, my apologies in advance. It is my eye's fault.

I have had a couple of requests for latest bump pictures and, always one to satisfy my fans, I will deal with these requests first. Below is a picture of me and Shrimpy.

Me and Shrimpy in the Garden
I like my bump the size it is right now, although I'm looking forward to it being ever so slightly bigger. Before you know it, I'll be wishing it was smaller again!

I've been hearing more about the joys of the third trimester from some of my friends this week. It sounds fairly unpleasant and generally, apart from three ailments I will get to shortly (one non-pregnancy-related), I'm feeling really good right now. I've been told to expect backache, leg ache, cramps, heartburn, extreme fatigue and a number of other fun things in the not to distant future so that sounds like fun. The time is still flying by though so I'm sure before I know it, it will only be a few weeks until Shrimpy pops out - I can't wait for that!

So, yes, there are three ailments I would like to moan about this week. I will start with the two pregnancy-related one.

Firstly, I'm getting really fed up with being so out of breath all the time. I literally can't walk more than a few meters without being seriously out of breath and it is so bad I can barely finish a sentence without being out of breath either. I'm particularly annoyed about this as, having given up smoking, which was really bl00dy hard, I now actually feel worse! My friend has suggested this might be due to iron levels being too low so I'm going to discuss this with my midwife when I see her next week. I'm taking the usual pregnancy pills with, like, 57 things in them that are good for you and your baby, including, allegedly, 100% RDA of iron so I'm a little surprised if I should be taking extra supplements on top of that but I'll happily try it if it makes me feel better.

Secondly, I appear to have become quite prone to fainting. I had an incident back around December time last year where I inexplicably fainted walking home and bashed my face and hands fairly badly. I hadn't experienced anything since then until very recently but now, twice in the last 3 - 4 weeks I have had fainting spells.  The first one was just in an Indian restaurant where, similarly to the first incident, everything went blurry and then black and my ears were ringing and, as I was already sat down, had to put my head between my knees (which is harder than you might imagine with a bump in the way) until it passed. Yesterday, at a wedding, I had a similar experience. I was outside and in fairness, it was extraordinarily hot and I hadn't eaten anything for a few hours and, if I am being honest, I had had a couple of glasses of champagne also (although I'm not convinced that was the cause) and then talking to the father of the bride, I basically just passed out on the lawn.  It passed a minute or so after that but it was terribly embarrassing as everyone gathered round to see what the commotion was and people were calling for a doctor in the house etc. while I tried to convince them all I was fine! Anyway, I don't like it and I hope it doesn't become a frequent thing. I have been reading up about it and feeling faint is very common when you are pregnant but actually fainting not quite so much. Our bodies, with all the extra work they are doing, are apparently much more susceptible to fainting so I think the heat, lack of food and, well, being pregnant are probably the cause. It also seems iron could be responsible for that one too though so I am not going to let my midwife shovel me out the door until we have discussed this at length.

Finally, I have this b@stard eye infection that I have had for about 2 weeks now. It got so bad last weekend, I went to Moorfields Eye Hosiptal on Monday and sat there for a joyous 4 hours while I waited for a doctor to be fairly dismissive and tell me it was just conjunctivitis and it would either clear up on his own or I could just take the over the counter medicines you can get in the pharmacies. I explained to him that none of the over the counter ones were deemed suitable for pregnant ladies, which is why I had come along, and he pretty much told me to ignore those warnings as it highly unlikely they would harm my baby! I thoroughly agree with him but can you imagine if something happened to Shrimpy and I had done something I was recommended not to do? I'd never forgive myself. Anyway, so, I went for the do nothing option and didn't wear my contact lenses all week and my eye felt fine yesterday and pretty much back to normal. Then, for the wedding, as I feel like a right spodulum in my specs, I popped my contact lenses back in and by jove, by the end of the night, my eye was bright red again and in severe pain. I took my contacts out as soon as I got in but today, my eye is half-closed, weaping and bright red still so I'm going to have to go back to the docs again. Urgh - and more wearing my spodacles. I really hate doing that. Ron says I look pretty in them, but he's a very good boy and always says nice things about me.

Other than my eye though, things are very wonderful and I'm just so excited about meeting our little man. We picked up the cot today from an eBay seller and Ron has already made it so the nursery, whilst it has now run out of space completely, looks pretty much like a nursery!

Oh, and Zoog found a new favourite place to sleep this week as well:

Zoog getting in touch with her biblical side
So, more swimming this week (I finally have a maternity swimming costume - this makes a huge difference). Aqua natal was off but Ron and I went for a swim anyway and it was really lovely. I was thinking about some of the things the midwife who takes aqua natal was saying the week before this week about our precious pelvic floor muscles. She was explaining how one in three women struggle to be in full control of their solid and liquid bodily excretions after they give birth and that the only way to counteract this is to do about 50 pelvic floor muscles exercises every day! I hadn't been but I've been right on top of that since so if anyone at work sees me rising and falling whilst talking to them, I'm just working out, try not to be distracted by it. It's necessary though as, in my mind, pooping myself in a meeting at work is bordering on plain unprofessional!

As I mentioned, I went to a wedding yesterday. It was the wedding of a good friend I went to school with and was such a fabulous day. An Alice in Wonderland fancy dress theme was mandatory so we dressed up and many other frivolities made it a wedding to remember. It was great to see some old school buddies but I must admit, I did struggle after about 9pm and it reminded me how much harder I find social events these days. Partly it is probably the not drinking but also the tiredness contributes and I think until Shrimpy pops out, socialising is never going to be quite the same (well, it will probably never be quite the same when Shrimpy pops out either but I can't wait until a few months have passed and Ron and I can palm Shrimpy off on to Grandma for the night and go out for a few glasses of the red stuff - Grandma will like the quality her and Shrimpy time anyway)

Next week, just another meet with the midwife where I will get issued with the MAT1B form (the form your employer needs for maternity pay) and hopefully hear a lot more about the NHS antenatal classes so I can make my decisions about whether to pay and register for NCT classes also and then it's always good to hear little Shrimpy's heart beating so that will be nice.

Current Symptoms:
  • Toilet stops through the night
  • Fainting
  • Bleeding gums
  • Shortness of breath


Another eventful week but nothing especially out of the ordinary. I don't think there's been too much specifically baby related news. Now that the name has been decided and we still agree so that's that. As official as can be.

As Natalie mentioned in her section, we went to a wedding on Saturday, which was really amazing. It was the first English wedding I've ever attended. Surprising really since I've lived here to twenty odd years but there you go. This wasn't just an ordinary wedding though - Alice in Wonderland themed and although I originally had my doubts, the entire day was really magical. From my perspective, it really gave me some great (well I think they're great) ideas for our wedding (Natalie & I of course). I'm not sure if I mentioned it in a previous entry, but we had planned on getting married this September - just a few weeks away. Unfortunately, weddings are incredibly expensive and we had to sort out the house etc. first. Rather than have something we wouldn't be happy with, we decided to postpone the wedding until next year. In many ways I'm glad we did postpone, as I have a much better appreciation of the whole wedding structure now. Obviously I get the reasoning behind it, which is the most important thing, but there is a lot to be said about all the rest of the things that let others join in on the day and celebrate the event.

It will be a very special day next year - even more special with one more person there to celebrate with us!


I am actually about 27cm long now! Yes, I know what you're thinking - wow - that's quite a growth spurt from last week! It would have been but the difference is that from around now, I get measured from the top of my head to my heels rather than just to my botty.

The fat continues to come on too. I was a little worried this was just due to Mummy's eating habits but apparently it is perfectly normal and essential so that I can get myself ready for the big exit!

My face is starting to turn in to the handsome little face it will become eventually also. Daddy is always saying how handsome he is so I'm hoping I'll be handsome too anyway.

The giant skipping rope in here with me is getting thicker too and giving me most of the nutrients I need now. I get a little sugar from swallowing this fluid stuff in the bubble I currently call home but mostly the skipping rope is the key provider. I still skip with it but that's going to start becoming hard soon as it becomes bigger and as the space starts running out. It's a good job I don't suffer too badly with claustrophobia actually. I was just thinking about that the other day and wondering how babies with this kind of fear cope before they pop out.

I'm still kicking Mummy pretty hard but she still can't feel it. Every time I kick her she mumbles something about how another windypops is coming but it's me Mummy, just reminding you I'm still in here - as if you'd forget!

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