Sunday, 4 September 2011

23 Weeks


What a fabulous end to a reasonably good week. The only thing that really tainted it at all was work but as I am going to try to be more positive in this week's entry, I have decided the best approach is to not talk about it (except in this parentheses - those b@stards actually asked me if I could cancel or move my November holiday which was approved, booked and paid for months ago as it wasn't very convenient for their project plan! I spent a few seconds looking around for Jeremy Beadle convinced it must be some kind of joke but when I remembered he had very tragically passed on, it was clear that the request had been made in all seriousness. Naturally, I declined).

Anyway, back with the positive thinking. So, yes, it's been a generally pleasant week. I've had a chance to catch up with a few of my very favourite people this week and was reminded how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends. I visited one of my oldest (I mean old in the length of time we have known each other rather than her being an old bird) and closest buddies on Tuesday as I had decided to have a well earned day off from work. She has a little boy who is about 3 months old now so it was great to see her and the little guy and I even got to almost participate in a nappy change (I performed a supervisory role on this particular occasion). It was good to hear about her experiences so far as she is a fairly chilled out lady who I think does the whole baby thing in a similar manner to which I imagine doing it so it was good to get some pointers. She reminded me, as a few others have done, that so much of what you learn at the antenatal classes and from friends gears you up for the pregnancy and actual birth but not much for beyond that and you suddenly find yourself back at home with this tiny human being with no idea what to do with it! It must be incredibly surreal. It's nice when you have a friend you've been through so much with, where so much has now changed and you find yourselves still with stuff in common and a general enjoyment of each other's company! It doesn't always go that way I find.

On Wednesday, I saw another two of my lady friends who are recent mothers and whilst it was a bit of a pain for all of us that we had to meet in Central London, it was great to see them too. We were talking about how your social circle changes a lot and friendships that were largely based around pubs and alcohol often slip away when you're pregnant / have babies as it just isn't enjoyable in the same way it used to be and sometimes you even find that when you're not both hammered, you don't really have much else in common! I've really struggled to enjoy going out to pubs since being pregnant as there are only so many cokes you can drink before your stomach starts hurting and, frankly, there just comes a point where everyone else (who is drinking) starts repeating themselves and you stop wanting to listen to it. I've no doubt I did the same when I was drinking but not drinking and being with people who are drinking sucks major buttage in my opinion.

One of my friends brought her little man along with her to the restaurant which was nice (the poor thing was teething so was a little out of sorts - apparently - I thought he was very well behaved). I was slightly concerned though at the strength of the little chap and the extreme grip he had on Mummy's hair. I actually thought my friend's whole head of hair was going to come off in her son's hands. Ouch, it looked very painful. I am going to need to give Shrimpy something else to pull as I happen to quite like my hair! It's quite hard watching your friend being abused (albeit by a 9 month old child) and not being able to stop it.

Then, this weekend, I was lucky enough to enjoy the most fabulous, awesome Faversham Hop Festival with my good friends whose wedding we attended a couple of weekends ago (the Alice in Wonderland one we mentioned) and the olds. It was great to spend some quality time with them and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of our special town on pretty much my favourite weekend of the year. Ron very much enjoyed talking gadgets and boy's toys with someone who could respond intelligently and I loved having our first proper guests in the house since Ron and I made it our little nest. My parents came up for the day today as well so it was great to watch some bands with them and catch up. I love sharing Faversham with people and feel very lucky to have so many great things on my doorstep. As usual, all the Faversham weirdos were out and about too but it wouldn't be Faversham without a bit of Wicker Man weirdness ...

The Painted Morris Dancer Type People
... and a dog in a hop crown.

Sheperd's Neame Loving Doggy
So, a great time was had by all and I even let Ron have a few pints of Late Red - his favourite - what a nice fiancĂ©e I am.

I wondered when it would get to the stage when my belly size reached the greatness of my father's as well. It appears that time has come and here's the evidence. It's worth noting that my Dad was desperately trying to suck his tummy in here. I'm still not sure whose is the biggest.

Two Bread-Loving Wood Fatties
Other than that, Shrimpy has been kicking lots this week and it's been very nice to share that with Ron. He tends to kick when I least want him to (Shrimpy, not Ron), like when I'm trying to get to sleep, relax watching TV, concentrate in a meeting etc. Basically, he gets very active when I am not. It's still a novelty at the moment so I'm enjoying the slightly uncomfortable feeling for now but I can't even imagine how weird it is going to feel as Shrimpy fills up the space in there and I can see feet and hands almost popping through my belly!

I also took some time out this week to appreciate how lucky I am to be with someone who makes me so happy. Ron and I have been so so busy recently and it's easy to forget to step back every now and then and appreciate things. It was only about a year ago that we first met and it's amazing to think of all the things we have been through in just one year and where we are now. I've been really missing Ron since he started his new job with the mammoth 2½ hour each way commute and weekday evenings are incredibly short but I'm very grateful for the time we do have together and I can't wait to have him off work for a few weeks when little Shrimpy arrives. When I was growing up, I always hoped I would find someone who matched me as well as my Mum and Dad match each other. I didn't think I would but I only went and excelled myself with this one. Anyway, someone pass a bucket please! Sorry!

Cheesy Pic of Me and Ron
(Sorry, I'm in a jpeg kind of mood this week).

There. I think I've said enough this week. I'm a little proud of myself for minimal whinging this week. Shrimpy must be changing me. I've no doubt it's just a temporary glitch and normal service will resume next week. I'm not sure being this cheery suits me!

Current Symptoms:
  • Toilet stops through the night
  • Fainting
  • Bleeding gums
  • Shortness of breath
  • No contact lens wearing


This has probably been the worst week so far. That’s quite a statement and in real terms it’s not been bad at all. Well not what normal people would call bad. The main reason I say this though is that I haven’t been able to spend much time with my lovely Natalie this week. Again, I need to qualify this a little bit by “baselining” things to normal society. I’m sure I (or Natalie) mentioned somewhere in this blog that we spend 24 hours a day together. Well, we used to anyway. With the new job we obviously don’t work in the same office but we - mostly - get the same train in the morning. This week has been different. The lovely lady has had two working from home days (I’ve sadly had none due to hectic office stuff) so two days of no train ride. Also, a “girls night out” meant an evening apart and generally the whole week has just pretty much stunk.

Having said that, the time we do have has been wonderful. The bump is big! There’s no doubt about the state of affairs now and that really seems to make a difference for some reason. As an expecting Dad, it’s nice to go places and see peoples reaction and it’s a very proud feeling. The only real change from last week is that everything is a bit bigger and I’m pretty sure I could feel some movement the other night. We were watching a recorded version of the American Celebrity Apprentice (that Steven Baldwin  is a doughnut!) and I’m sure I could feel some wriggling. It won't be long (days I’m sure) and there’ll be undisputed kicking and wriggling.

I googled the name this week as well and was surprised that there are a few people on Facebook etc. with exactly the same name so it’s cool that it’s normal enough but still not thousand and thousands. The real disturbing thing was the state of one of the guys on Facebook. Mingulated!

This weekend is the Hop Festival in Faversham so I’m really looking forward to being out and about and showing off our bump - here’s to more festival and less commute!


I am now almost the size of an old school ruler - whatever that is - from head to toe. A little more rounded of course. Space is starting to become tight in here and I can easily kick and punch Mummy. I like to work out every couple of hours.

A couple of things have happened this week and I don't mind admitting that Mummy's positivity has not rubbed off on me one bit. One of us has to carry the moaning torch and this week it's my turn.

Firstly, my eyelids have been tightly fused together for 23 whole weeks and despite regular eyeball movement, nothing, the lids just wouldn't come apart. This week, I felt them starting to and finally, after 23 weeks of wondering what it's like in here and waiting patiently for the big unveiling of the womb, my eyelids finally became popped open and do you know what I could see? Do you know what I could bloody see?! I'll show you what I could see.

My View from Inside the Womb
Nothing! Nothing is what I could see and Mummy didn't provide me with the optional extra of a torch so I guess that's how it will be for the rest of my stay. It has to have been the single biggest anti-climax of my entire life. It looks like I'll have to wait another 17 weeks or so to get my visual fix.

Also, this week, my semi-circular canal finally fully formed so, for the first time, I was able to determine which way up I was. Not only can I see naff all in here but it turns out I'm upside down too! Some guys get all the luck, huh.

Other than those slight disappointments though, things are good and I entertain myself at the moment mostly by waking Mummy up when she is trying to sleep. Mwah ha ha.

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