Monday, 12 September 2011

24 Weeks


Well, I am officially 6 months pregnant now! I can't believe it. Although, that said, yesterday, as I was eyeballing my enormous belly, I was thinking how I couldn't really remember what it felt like to not be pregnant (i.e. to not feel like a really fat b@stard). It feels like I have always been a lard@ss. I hope once Shrimpy has popped out, I can find a way to get back properly in to exercise so that I can remind myself I wasn't always this big!

Mind you, talking about being a little on the roly poly side, I was looking through some old photos trying to find one of me and two of my good buddies wearing giant inflatable b00bs in Ireland (but that's another story) and I came across this old picture of me ...

Roly Poly Pudding
... and thought to myself:
  1. Hmm, I really always have been a lard@ss
  2. Wow, I hope my children don't have rolls like this
  3. Did my mum feed me cream cakes every day to achieve this and that's why I now love cream cakes?
but then I was also reminded how incredibly cute things normally are when they are first born when I came across this picture of my non-human babies ...

Boog and Zoog Before they Turned Naughty!
... and thought, I hope my little Shrimpy one is as cute as the Boogies (and doesn't turn out as naughty).

Anyway, so, basically, I'm starting to feel a little on the big side. All my 'normal' clothes are well and truly now no longer wearable and even some of the maternity gear I bought / was given appears to be getting a bit too small as well. I have decided, therefore, that it is time I treated myself to some actual brand new maternity wear and this decision has fallen perfectly in time with the opening of a rather large shopping centre - Westfield - in Stratford which I rather conveniently have to walk through to get between Stratford and Stratford International where my variable speed trains go from. It turns out they have a Mamas & Papas there so I am uncharacteristically rather excited about the big opening of the centre on Tuesday when Ron and I have planned a late evening shopping spree. Exciting.

The extra weight is also starting to take its toll and I think I am right on the verge of the pleasant part of pregnancy turning in to the not so pleasant part (although that hasn't happened yet, I still love my bump and feel actually kind of proud to be pregnant). I noticed this week that my feet are starting to become particularly painful when I'm on my feet for a long time and my hips seem to be hurting too, which I wasn't expecting. Generally, all my joints just feel a little creaky. I'm still out of breath most of the time but I phoned up about my blood tests this week and it seems that everything is normal so I think I think I'll just have to live with that ailment and put it down to pregnancy, which I am sure it is. Far more concerning than any of my other pregnancy ailments though is that my innie is becoming frighteningly shallow! God, if I start praying to you now, will you stop my innie from becoming an outtie?

Thursday this week would have been mine and Ron's wedding day! We had booked a venue in Kent to get married on Thursday 8th September. It was a little sad that we had to postpone it (due to housey things) and I really can't wait to marry my special boy next year but in some ways, I'm kind of glad we did postpone it as we wouldn't have made little Shrimpy otherwise (well not this particular Shrimpy anyway).

I really wanted to try to celebrate the non-wedding day anyway and have a special day with Ron and it was just sod's law that it was a really pants day on the whole and pretty much everything just wasn't going our way. We made it, eventually, however, to a very nice restaurant on the sea front and had a lovely meal and that kind of made up for the rest of the day being so rubbish.

The biggest excitement of the week was picking up our new car. We picked it up yesterday and I LOVE it. It is so nice having a proper grown-up's car with air con and everything! We went for a little drive down to another town on the sea front yesterday to try it out and I have been playing with it more today on a trip to Dunelm Mill to get some final pieces for the house. I say final as I think the house is pretty much good to go now (apart from a bit of painting) and all we need to do now before the end of December is buy various things for Shrimpy. It really feels like everything is coming together on that front with the car and house stuff so I'm feeling reasonably well prepared for the little man now and, as ever, very excited to meet him.

Work has been OK this week. Well, nothing happened that made me want to throw myself or any of my colleagues off the nearest bridge, so in relative terms, this was a good week! I have a feeling that as it comes nearer to my departure, my boss and some of my colleagues are finally starting to realise how hard it will be to replace me with someone who lives up to my very high standards and appreciate all the work I do and all the stuff that comes out of my exceptional brain. About time!

I have started to get a bit of 'Baby Brain' this week though. It's the first time I have noticed it (and I always thought it was a load of old tosh but the evidence speaks for itself). I am usually right on top of things and never forget stuff but there have been a few moments of forgetfulness this week, such as putting rice on to boil and completely forgetting about it causing the burnage of the bottom of the pan; opening the fridge and just walking off leaving it open; forgetting to write things I have agreed / committed to do in my diary (I never do this); forgetting things I was going to look up on the internet in between thinking about looking them up and opening up a browser ... the list goes on. I hope it won't get any worse. It's an odd feeling for me being slightly out of control. It's an unusual place for me to be.

Other than that, Shrimpy has been kicking loads and, I'm pretty sure, experiencing lots of hiccups. It's quite funny. I can tell when it is hiccups as the bumps are less severe, more frequent and more regular. Bless little Shrimpy. I'll have to teach him some of my special techniques for stopping hiccups.

That's about it for this week from me. Let's see what week 25 has in store.

Current Symptoms:
  • Toilet stops through the night
  • Dizzy spells
  • Bleeding gums
  • Shortness of breath
  • No contact lens wearing


With any long running endeavour, I think it can be very easy to drift away from the initial purpose or goal the endeavour was based on (or meant to satisfy). This blog is an example. Reflecting on the original purpose of writing thee weekly metres, it occurred to me that the original purpose may not have been clear. In fact, in reflection, the goal was very unclear. I suppose the initial idea was to provide some level of insight for other prospective parents, or parents who have newly conceived and might stumble on the blog through Google and same them some search time. Secondly, as a mechanism for family and friends to keep up with what’s going on and hopefully participate in some way with the whole pregnancy process. I can’t think of any other reason unless we count generating ad revenue. So, since I’ve been reflecting on these initial goals, I thought it would useful to look at how well I’ve done in addressing them so far.

As far as helping newly conceived parents, I don’t think my entries have provided much insight or saved any searching so generally a fail on that one. As a new ‘Father to be’ the actual facts that are generally concerning are more related to the mother’s side of things and — of course — the new baby. The only things that apply directly to a Father are psychological and I assume that these vary from person to person. Men aren’t generally too interested in other men’s psychology anyway — with good reason — I don’t really see much point in addressing that one. I mean, when was the last time you heard one man ask another something like - “Sure I understand all that, but how do you really feel about it?” - in a contact other than some contrived film?

Next in the queue are friends and family. I do actually have both of these things! It’s a tricky one since the majority of my family are technophobes and I’m not convinced that many of my friends are really that interested in the progress of the pregnancy. I don’t think I’d be too interested in theirs if I’m honest about it. Again, I think it’s more of a male thing where you tell your friends you’re going to have a baby, they all say wow - congratulations - you say thanks and erm … that’s pretty much it. Until the baby arrives anyway - women are different and much more interested in each-others progress and all the details as they get along. Geez - fail number two.

The story of ad revenue is a short one. 4p. fail.

All this brings into question the usefulness of writing this and based on the criteria set out, it looks pretty pointless. Destined to failure at the very least. I think I need to reset the goals or give up and Natalie would be ‘very not happy’™ if I gave up so as we’re moving into the third trimester and I’ve already gone through all the “I’m very excited” feelings, I think the next few weeks I’ll focus on the more manly and practical aspects of things. Painting furniture for the nursery, investigating baby related gadgetry and that sort of thing. The goal for next week is to find something cool that costs less than 4p - I’m not hopeful …


I'm a little over 30 cms tall now and rapidly putting on fat all over. Due to this, I am starting to fill the little, dark, water bubble I am stuck in and am rapidly running out of space to stretch. I noticed this week, for the first time really, that I can no longer fully outstretch my legs. What a pain. I am informed I have about another 15 or so weeks in here so I'm a little concerned about where all the extra me is going to fit!

My nostrils have opened up this week so I am really able to 'breathe' in this fluid I'm in here with. It's caused a few involuntary movements this week (hiccups I am told) which are most unpleasant. I've been trying to hold my breath and count to ten but that hasn't been working.

I can really taste things as well now and some of what Mummy eats tastes really nice - I particularly like the sugary stuff - but some of it is not so nice. There were some rather strong spices coming through a couple of times this week and if I am honest, they weren't to my taste.

I learnt this week that I am apparently now 'viable' (I heard Mummy talking to Daddy about this). They were saying that what this means is that if I was to pop out of Mummy now, I would actually have a really good chance of surviving and turning in to a big person. That's kind of comforting to know but I hope I don't come out just yet. I know I moan about things in here sometimes but deep down, I kind of like it. It's quite comforting and I am not quite ready for the outside world just yet. Soon, I will be though, soon...

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