Monday, 17 October 2011

29 Weeks


Phewie, what a busy week and weekend - hence the rather late blog update.

Work is starting to really ramp it up another gear now.
A.N. Other: But shouldn't it be the other way round, Wood, you know, slowing down a little with you getting bigger by the day and stuff?
Me: Well, one would think so in a perhaps more supportive environment but no, no, for me, it seems to be quite the opposite.
Essentially, what has happened is, despite me prompting my boss for weeks about my maternity cover, nothing was done until the last minute and I have had to do all the leg work to find the three people who will be doing my role while I am on maternity leave. Interviewing is incredibly time-consuming at the best of times but trying to find someone even a third as good as me has been no mean feat, I can tell you!

Two thirds of my replacement started today so it's going to be a particularly busy week bringing them up to speed and supporting them and then I am interviewing for the main me who will supervise the squadrons as well as take over my Excel wizardry and general testing functions. After interviewing a couple of duds, I've managed to persuade my boss to interview a friend of mine, Trish, as she is the only person I can think of who will be able to fill my size 7s (currently size 7½s - your feet grow by half a size when you have a bun in the oven and my shoes are feeling the strain) competently. I hope she will still be my friend when she invariably gets the job and meets some of the fabulous people I work with! Oh, and a new project started today so I'm getting going on that and sheesh, not a single moment for anything personal at work from now on me thinks. Unacceptable.

So, other than work, as I may have mentioned, I have moved firmly in to the third trimester. I had been wondering what the big fuss was all about but I can now see why people kept reminding me to enjoy the second! Literally in the last week, I have noticed a real shift towards the uncomfortable with the two most prevalent ailments being sore feet and even more constant trips to the loo.

I am finding now that being on my feet for more than about two minutes is pretty uncomfortable. I have to shift from side to side on the tubes now, whilst standing, beaming my dirty looks on to the Metro reading "Priority Seat" occupants to ease the throbbing (this doesn't make them get up but I am convinced that karma will bite them on the @rse so it gives me a little warm feeling inside imagining bad things happening to them) and have had to invest in some big furry boots to help ease the pressure. These have made me unfashionable, but less waddle-some - it's a compromise I'm more than willing to make.

The toilet trips used to only really be a nuisance at night-time but I appear to now need to go to the powder room about every 20 minutes or so, which can make things incredibly uncomfortable as this isn't always possible. I saw something recently on Dragon's Den - a 'Bog in a Bag' - I wonder whether I should invest in one of these for those awkward moments when you are in a particularly large meeting and don't want to cause a scene by leaving halfway through?

Other than these two irritations though, the rest of the pregnancy symptoms are pretty manageable - well, currently anyway.

So, this week, I met up with an old friend of mine who I have actually known since she was about 5. Our families have been skiing together for many years and she just so happened to get pregnant at pretty much the same time as me so it's great to know we can take our little bundles skiing together in the future. It was quite funny actually, we had booked a table at Pizza Express, which was fortunate as it was full when we arrived, but as luck would have it, our table for two was behind a very large bollard / column and the only way to access the table was to squeeze through a gap literally about 20 cm wide. Kate and I looked at each other and then looked at the waiter trying to rush us in to our seats and were like, dude, are you serious?! Do we look like we could fit through there? Alternative arrangements were made!

Anyway, it was great to see Kate. She is another one of my friends who is very much like me and a 'just get on with it' kind of person (my favourite kind) and seemed to share very similar views about the whole pregnancy / having a baby thing and agreed that some people really seem to make a meal out of it. She said something quite interesting, which I totally agree with, about how she thought it helped that we were both quite 'hardcore' (her words, not mine) and had Dads that pushed us to fend for ourselves rather than doing everything for us and being over-supportive / protective. Kate's Dad is the kind of Dad that made her carry her own skis at 2 years old and mine is the kind of Dad that would tell me to get a second job when I phoned him crying from university about how I didn't have any money. Now, fortunately for me, I also had a Mum who I would then phone crying and she would slip me a fiver and tell me not to tell my father - and, until today, I have kept that promise - but anyway, my point is that my parents were great at being there for me when I really needed them to be but very keen to give me the tools to fend for myself and be self-sufficient. And I thank them for that, as I think, like Kate, both of us are very relaxed about everything and just going with the flow as we are people who just get on with things and get them done. Good luck to her anyway - due on Christmas Eve - I wonder whose little bundle will drop first.

So, the weekend was busy but pretty interesting too. Ron and I went to one of the NHS antenatal classes on Saturday morning, the first of two, and I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised. I wasn't expecting much from the class and only really went along to meet other couples in the area and when I walked in and saw that it was my midwife taking the session my heart sank even further. I don't know what had happened to her this week though - she was like a different human being! She actually came across as someone who cared and I learnt quite a few things that I didn't know (mostly about pain relief options - not that I want to plan any kind of pain relief before I know what kind of pain I will need to react to but it was good to know what the options were). A lady after my own heart, she even agreed with my opinion on birth plans, and generally seemed, well, more on my wave length. Perhaps I will see her in a whole new light when I go for my next appointment. The people were really nice too and my donation of a pound for juice and biscuits got me a lot of biscuits! Ron was saying that despite having been there three times before, he even learnt some things at the class that he didn't know.

Then, Saturday evening was one of my favourite nights of the year in Faversham - Faversham Carnival! I particularly enjoy watching the beauty queens for all the towns in Kent as they roll through the town centre in their carriages made from tractors. I was slightly disappointed this year though as having built Miss Sittingbourne up to be something of a spectacle to Ron, this year's entry was actually not too much of a munter. Shame. I jest, of course, I'm not really that cruel. Mostly, I just love these Faversham events and they always make me very glad to live in such a wonderful place. I bought some sweets to celebrate.

Sunday was a day full of painting and decorating from start to finish. I hate painting at the best of times but when my feet are becoming a little more painful, it was particularly weary. We painted the nursery and apart from some final touch-up jobs we still need to do, it is pretty much finished, so that's one more thing off the list. My arm is still aching now from the painting. I mean who actually gets the painting 'bug' I hear about? What possible enjoyment is there to be had?!

Finally, this week, I'd like to just say a few words about baby brain. I was convinced this was in fact completely made up but after increasing incidents of the afore-mentioned 'condition', I went in search of scientific facts! I came across this article, which seemed to suggest it was a load of b0llocks and I tend to agree with it in terms of there being nothing scientific that happens to your body that makes you so forgetful but what it is, is that being pregnant causes a huge reduction in sleep and this in turn then makes you forgetful, just as you would be if there were any other reason that you only slept for 3 to 4 hours every night, night after night. Anyway, I am much more forgetful than usual and regularly find myself staring in to an open cupboard wondering what the hell I opened it for, getting very excited about something then opening a browser to look in to it further and as the cursor eagerly flashes at me underneath the bright letters of Google not for the life of me being able to recall what I was so excited about, spelling things very badly, putting things down and forgetting where they are etc. The list goes on and I don't like it! I am usually super on top of everything and can juggle many balls at once but I think I may have dropped some over the past few weeks, I just can't bl00dy remember where I was when I did!

The only other moment of significance this week was when my Mum sent me some dungarees that I used to wear when I was about 20. I have ordered so many pairs of dungarees and jeans now from the interwebs, all to no avail and finally, I have some that, with some minor adjustments, will just about house my thunder thighs and Shrimp bubble a little better than my other current casual clothing offerings.

Anyway, let's see what this week has in store as I approach the 'having just ten weeks left to go' milestone!

Current Symptoms:
  • Toilet stops through the night
  • Swollen ankles
  • Sore feet
  • Bleeding gums
  • Shortness of breath
  • No contact lens wearing


Daddy didn't make it to blogland last week after all and has very little time to do anything outside of working and commuting for 5 hours a day. He will try to write an entry this week if he can but I won't promise him to it this week. He'll continue to drop in and out where he can.


I am almost 37 cm tall now from head to foot. I learnt this week that my brain has grown so much that it has gone from being all smooth like a baby's bottom to having folds and being a little wrinkled like what we are all used to brains looking like. It's filling up fast with all the things I need to be prepared for the outside world but I still get a chance to float here and ponder sometimes, you know, reflect on life. I like to ponder. One day, I hope to have a beard to stroke as I hear that makes the whole pondering experience more enlightening.

I'm getting in to more of a routine now with my workouts and sleep but just like Mummy, some days I am more tired than others and I just feel like chilling out. I don't kick Mummy much at all some days but I try to give her ribs a tickle at least once a day so that she knows I'm still OK. There are no phones in here so it's my only real means of contact. I know Mummy appreciates that.

I was listening to the lady speaking at the antenatal class that Mummy and Daddy went to. They talked a lot about being in the right position for the birth and it sounded like my head could get pretty squished if I didn't play ball so I am going to do my best to start getting in to a good position for Mummy in 6 weeks or so. Apparently, I need to be head down and try to have my back facing Mummy's tummy. I hope I can work out which way is which, sometimes it is hard to tell in here.

Anyway, I don't have a huge amount to share this week and I am feeling a little sleepy tonight so I'm going to have a snooze and think a little bit more about how to make my entry in to the world as trauma free for myself as possible!

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