Tuesday, 13 March 2012

9 Weeks Old

I'm going to have to pick up the blog again in a few weeks as it's impossible to find the time to write it at the moment and in addition to the lack of time, the sleep deprivation has been affecting me really badly and making me really quite dolally and lacking in perspective so I would prefer to write when I'm a bit less mad.

There's so many things I want to tell you all about at the moment about the last couple of weeks but I'll try to put a summary of things together in a few weeks time.

In short, the boy is doing great. He's just started in the last week to REALLY start to give something back and is smiling, chuckling and chatting a lot more. This makes it so much easier to deal with the feeling exhausted. He's still windy but it gets better by the day and the only really frustrating thing is that he has just started teething which is pretty early for a little munchkin.

There have been some great successes over the past two weeks so I should briefly mention them though and these are as follows:

  • Breastfeeding not only doesn't hurt but has become a pleasurable experience (something I never thought possible) and I am able to alternate with boob and bottle which is working pretty well for both me and the boy.
  • We have just started being able to put him down for the night around 8pm rather than 11pm or so which means that, on the whole, me and Ron have just started being able to eat together
  • I completely understand his cries! My friend Mel sent me a video link which has been the single most significant thing I have read or seen since Dalton's birth. It is about the types of sounds babies make for different reasons and as soon I watched it, I could instantly recognise Dalton's cries. It has made a huge difference to know why he is crying so, as a result, he cries a lot less as I fix his issue a lot quicker and apart from the 'I need a poop or fart' cry, I can quite easily fix the rest.
  • I have realised that the best thing for me and my boy is to make sure that I get a break every now and then so have started working on practical ways for me to get an afternoon off each week, even if that means paying for childcare. I thought this was cheating up until now but I now think that it is critical for everyone in my little micro family that I am sane and a little better rested.
Here's the video that taught me my little boy's cries. I really do urge any new mum of a baby under 12 weeks old to watch this as it allowed me to take a giant leap forward.

The only real low point actually over the past two weeks has been 'Jab Day'. Pretty much everyone I know reassured me that it would probably be fine as their little one cried at the time and then slept but no, not my boy. Sadly, it affected him really badly and it was probably our worst evening since he arrived on this earth. It was heartbreaking. Dalton looked like someone had chopped his leg off when he actually got his jabs but after the initial shock he calmed down for about an hour and I really thought he was going to be OK then I got home and he screamed inconsolably for about 4 hours straight and then sobbed for a further 2. By the end, he had no idea why he was crying anymore but nothing would soothe him and he looked so upset. It really was hard to watch and by the following day, I was so emotionally drained.

Here's a brief video of him after he had calmed down significantly. Poor little fella.

Anyway, I need to crack on as I have about 15 minutes of grace on the pooter before my poor overworked mum leaves me to go up to Norfolk and look after my brother's little munchkins but I'll write properly as soon as I can.

Love and hugs and thanks as always to those of you who are helping me through this in practical ways and by giving me your support. I couldn't do it without you and I hope when I'm over the worst I'll be able to do the same for other fellow new mums.

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