About Us

Ron and I met at work at the end of 2010 and as soon as we met, we both knew instantly we were made for each other.  It sounds really cheesy but it's true!  We've spent almost 24 hours a day together since we met and strangely - for both of us - we don't seem to have had enough of each other yet!  We moved in together, got engaged and decided to start trying for a baby fairly quickly (as Ron is almost past it!).

We have been lucky enough to fall pregnant on the very first month of trying, which neither of us were expecting, and decided to write a week by week blog about the whole experience from beginning to end, from both our perspectives. We wanted to keep the memories of this special time that we would possibly forget years in the future and we wanted to share our experience with our family and friends and any other parents to be who might find our posts useful.